Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Two more days

Today is wednesday and two more days then it's gonna be the weekend. Yeahey!!! I am so glad and happy because I'm looking forward the weekend. This weekend if it won't rain and snow I want to go shopping, I want to buy some stuff like chocolates, clothes and etc for my husband and babies for Valentines. My it's been a few weeks that I haven't been going shopping because the weather has been so rainy and snowy. Maybe you think I saved some money for not going shopping you're wrong because some of my money last month went to my family in philippines. Gosh, it seems like they're nonstop asking for more money. Every time I send them money just after a few days or weeks they'll ask for more lol. Sometimes I can think maybe it's better if I won't give them money because if I or my husband will give them money they'll always ask money from us hehe. I think their thinking that we're rich here but the truth is we're not rich. In fact my husband is working too hard just we can earn some money and able to survive. I wish they can realize that they should stop asking more and more money from us because we're not rich and we don't just pick up the money from the street to give them. We worked hard to earned it. Anyway, I still couldn't save money for not going shopping for a few weeks because I sent my parents money 3 times last month. Maybe not very big but enough for them to survive and to pay their expenses. Ok babbuh for now guys. Take care!