Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our breakfast

*Sarah knows how to eat by herself now. Dalaga na eh natural lang na di ba? In fact she's 20 months old pa and 2 days today.

Yes I was still brave to go shopping and eat today lol. But, my husband had to wake me up and tickles me to get off the bed hahaha. I was so sleepy this morning and sometimes I prefer just to stay in bed sleep and not to go eat breakfast. But today I forced to wake up early and got up because my husband woke me up and tickled me until I got up and get dress hehe. He was so very excited to go eat breakfast this morning because he didn't want to miss their waffles at home town lol. Oops perhaps you'll think I'm stinky because I didn't take shower before we went to eat breakfast and shopping. No, I'm not because I took shower in advance yesterday also Sarah and Aaron I gave them shower and a bath. So we're all nice and clean and were ready to go eat and shopping. Just my husband took shower this morning and after we all got dressed and ready we went to eat and then shopping. Well, we all had a nice and fun day today together. We're home now and my husband Roger, Aaron, and Sarah are sleeping except me hehe. Thanks for stopping by. Take care and God Bless.