Monday, February 11, 2008

My father in law's Van

These are the pictures of my father in law's Van. He bought it on Saturday from my husbands friend named Brad. He bought it for $1,700 it's nice but it has a few things that needs to be fix. So, I hope he'll be able to have it fix so that it will run smootly because it runs a little bit rough. Well, second hand Van is second hand and you can't expect it to be perfect. Anyway, we're happy he bought it because we have only a small car and it was always crowded for us to go all together in one small car. Ga sinardinas ra mi sato pagsakay lol, and my father in law was complaining a lot because we always put him in the back of our car with Sarah & Aaron hehehe. But now if we five go all together we have my father in laws Van to use. Which it has big spaces for all of us, nice seats and comfortable to ride. I like riding in the van because it's taller than just the regular car, and I can see better outside. But I am afraid to drive the Van because it's bigger and I'm not sure if it's easy to handle. I've never tried to drive a van yet even that Van of my father in law I haven't tried to drive it because the seats in front of that Van is lower for me and it's hard to see when I drive. So, I didn't dare to drive it. Just my father in law and husband are driving that Van. Wish I can adjust my height where I want it hahaha. So that I can drive any big and tall cars if I want too. Anyway, enough for now guys. Thanks for stopping by.


MaRIe PeEdE said...

Hi Nor good thing that he bought that Van and its perfect for your growing family, its a smart decision to get a 2nd hand vehicle and paid it off kay mahal magpalit og brand new na vehicle karon tapos magbayad pajod every month sa mortgage sa car, so wise decision. Kabalo ka mas dali lang bya ang mag drive sa dagko na vehicles than sa gagmay for me ha. wla ko naanad sa car mag drive maong didto ko sa pick up truck na mao jod akong choice for myself, nagtuon mang god kog driving sa akong bana na pick up truck maong gusto sad ko parehas sa iyaha.One thing man god if dagko ur vehicles taas imong panan-aw makit-an nimo tanan dili parehas sa car na mura tag unano sa sulod, feeling nko murag nagsaguyod nlang sa yuta hehehe, but sahay i used to drive our car for emergency purposes or trying to save some gas hehehe pero pag naa si mom in law vacation sa among lugar, nahan man siya sa car than pick up truck maong car ang gamiton hehehe lahi ra.