Friday, February 15, 2008

Gifts from my husband

These are my Valentines gifts from my husband. I didn't expect or ask him to buy me a Valentines gift. But he bought and gave me anyway he gave me a box of chocolate and flowers. Gosh, he surprised me with that roses because he didn't tell me he was going to order fresh roses for me. But the night before Valentines he was telling me that he was planning to order flowers for me but too expensive so I said that's ok. You don't need to buy me gift or some gifts. The chocolate and flower in the pot is enough. But for him that's not enough he ordered fresh roses for me and I just know he bought me fresh roses when the girl who delivered my roses knocked the door yesterday and handed me the roses lol. Well, I am glad and all I said to him is thank you very much, and I gave him lots of hugs and kisses when he got home from work. Anyway, he took the night off yesterday because he was too tired and he wanted to spend time with me and kids. Glad he took the night off yesterday and we were able to celebrate the half of Valentines day hehehe.


FRANCINE said...

wow, ka sweet sad ninyo imo hubby dai nors oi. maglaway man sad ta ninyo

stev & emz said...

naks! white and red roses talaga ha! ganda. sarap ba yang tsokoleyt sis?

aphied said...

your husband is so sweet,,,