Monday, February 18, 2008

They went to St.Louis

My husband and father in law went to St.Louis today. They both have doctor's appointment there my husband's appointment is just for check up on his eyes if how they can remove the flabby skin under his eyes. I don't know why he has that flabby skin under his eyes. Maybe because he is getting old now thats why he's getting a few wrinkles in his face or eyes. But you know he's not very old yet because he just turned 51 years old on Dec.14th 2007. It's maybe because he's fat porya buyag mao nga daw ga luyloy ang iya panit under his eyes but thankfully he's fine. About my father in laws appointment he went there for check up for his eyes too. He had surgery on his one eye last year and he went there to have it check if his eye is doing ok. Anyway, I just talked to my husband on the phone a few minutes ago and he said they are going to do the surgery on his eyes but they didn't schedule it yet they have to call him. Glad the results of their Doctor's appointment went well. Now they're on their way back home. So, they'll be here maybe after one hour St.Louis takes 3 or 4 hours drive each way and it's not gonna be easy for my husband because he has to go to work tonight. Gosh, it's gonna be tough night for him imagine from travel 6 or 8 hours just come back home get dress and go to work yaks. Kakapoy ana oy if me I can't do that tingali oy. Mamatay tingali ko sa kakapoy lol. just kidding... I'm just hoping he'll be ok and be able to drive the car to come back home without falling aslep. Till next time guys. thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comments.